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Schneider Williamson attorneys have a proven track record of results that includes securing six, seven, and eight figure compensation for clients

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Catastrophic injuries caused by someone else’s negligence can turn your world upside down and affect your loved ones too.

When you’re trying to recover and rebuild the life you had before your injuries, you should have dedicated Atlanta personal injury attorneys in your corner to pursue the compensation and accountability that you and your loved ones are entitled to.

Schneider Williamson’s decades of combined catastrophic injury litigation experience serving personal injury victims includes securing six-, seven-, and eight-figure compensation for victims, despite insurance companies’ attempts to deny or minimize client claims.

More importantly, our proven track record is built on mutual trust, respect, and personal care and responsiveness for clients.

Get legal solutions when you’ve been wronged and protect your rights with Schneider Williamson.

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$7,850,000 for Traumatic Brain Injury

$7.85M settlement for a child who suffered a traumatic brain injury from a skull fracture at a negligently operated daycare facility.

Catastrophic Injury Litigation FAQ

While you can file a catastrophic injury claim on your own, having an experienced personal injury attorney can significantly improve your chances of securing a fair settlement. Personal injury attorneys have the expertise to navigate complex legal processes and negotiate with insurance companies.

Some examples of our catastrophic injury cases include:

  • Brain and spinal injuries
  • Paralysis, permanent disabilities, and disfigurement
  • Injuries or illnesses caused by dangerous drugs or faulty medical products
  • Multiple fractures or amputation

Components of catastrophic injury claims that can impact compensation include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Medical bills
  • Future medical needs
  • Physical limitations
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Impact on quality of life
  • Effects on relationships
  • Disfigurement


The Schneider Williamson team is dedicated to thoroughly investigating all of these factors to ensure the best chance at recovering maximum compensation on your behalf.

Schneider Williamson News & Updates

Schneider Williamson News & Updates

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