Rear-Ended in Georgia? Take These Safety Steps

If you’re rear-ended in Georgia, the first and most important task at hand is protecting yourself. There are 3 safety steps you should take:

  1. Get off the road and out of harm’s way
  2. Call first responders
  3. Get medical treatment on-site, or seek a doctor as soon as possible after the accident

Let’s dive into why these safety steps are so important after being rear-ended.

Get Off the Road

If you’ve been rear-ended in Georgia, the first safety step you need to take is to get you and/or your vehicle safely off the road.

Unfortunately, so many tragic car accidents are caused by subsequent collisions when oncoming traffic speeds into the crashed or damaged vehicles.

If the accident was fairly minor and your car is still drivable, pull over to the side of the road and stand as far away from the road as you can after you step out of your vehicle.

If the accident was more serious and your car is no longer driveable, make sure there’s no oncoming traffic, and if the coast is clear, exit your vehicle and get to the side of the road. Once you’re out of harm’s way, call first responders.

Call First Responders

It’s helpful to call 911 after being rear-ended, and in Georgia, you’re legally required to call the police if the accident has caused significant damages or injuries.

First responders will make the accident scene much safer—their flashing lights will make it more visible to oncoming traffic, and they can halt or redirect traffic as needed.

Furthermore, if the other driver is being aggressive or hostile, first responders can help keep the peace and prevent the situation from escalating.

Police officers can help determine the cause of the accident and who’s at fault. They’ll create a police report that establishes a legal record of the accident.

If you were not responsible for being rear-ended, then the police report will be helpful if the insurance company pushes back on your claims; it’s a key piece of evidence that proves you did not cause the accident.

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Visit a Doctor as Soon as Possible

The final safety step after being rear-ended is to see a doctor as soon as possible.

If you’re in pain or discomfort immediately following the accident, you should mention this when you call 911 so they can send a medical team to give you treatment on-site.

Even if you’re not feeling any symptoms after the car accident, you should still see a doctor to get a medical evaluation. There are certain injuries, such as whiplash or brain injuries, that may not cause symptoms until days, weeks, or even months after the accident. However, identifying and treating these injuries within the first hours after the crash may be crucial—even life-saving.

There are also insurance reasons for seeing a doctor. When a doctor performs a medical evaluation following the accident, they’ll create a medical record that clearly establishes that the car accident caused injuries.

Sometimes, insurance companies will try to avoid covering your medical expenses if you never sought medical treatment; they’ll argue that since you never went to the doctor, your injuries were probably not very severe. A medical evaluation is a good way to safeguard yourself against unscrupulous insurance providers.

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