What Evidence Should You Collect After an Atlanta Car Crash?

If you’re involved in an Atlanta car crash, collecting evidence will help you secure a fair insurance settlement that covers all vehicle damage and injuries you sustained in the crash. In the event that an unfair lawsuit claims you’re responsible for damages that you didn’t actually cause, this evidence could be the very thing that helps your case. So what evidence should you collect after an Atlanta car crash?

5 Types of Evidence to Collect

There are five types of evidence you should collect after a car accident in Atlanta:

  1. Copy of the Police Report
  2. Photographs of the Accident Scene and Injuries
  3. Names and Contact Information
  4. Medical Treatment Documentation
  5. Auto Repair Receipts

While we recommend having all five types of evidence, we realize that it’s not always possible to gather them at the scene of an accident. Don’t worry—you could still be entitled to a fair settlement. An Atlanta personal injury firm like Schneider Williamson can help you get the compensation you’re owed or protect you from unfair claims, and can even help you collect more pieces of evidence that will support your case.

1. Copy of the Police Report

You should always call the police after a car crash, even for minor accidents. Police officers can help determine who’s at fault for the accident and create a police report that establishes clear legal documentation. Even if you’re the driver at fault, it’s still important to have a police report filed; without official documentation, the other driver might claim that you caused vehicle damage or personal injuries that either didn’t happen or weren’t actually your fault. 

It’s not uncommon for people to include auto damage and personal injuries in their insurance claims that are completely unrelated to the accident. A police report can protect you from an unfair lawsuit and make sure the claim is accurate.

In the days following the car crash, reach out to the police department that responded to the accident scene and request a copy of the police report for your records.

2. Photographs of the Accident Scene and Injuries

Always take photographs—or even video—of the accident scene, and don’t assume that police officers will do it for you.

Make sure you capture images of:

  • Damage sustained on every vehicle involved in the crash
  • The license plates of each vehicle involved in the crash
  • Injuries sustained by you and the other drivers
  • Photos of the accident scene that indicate the time and location of the crash

If another driver is behaving in a hostile or aggressive manner—or appears to be under the influence of an unlawful substance—it may be helpful to take a video of the driver behaving in this manner. Keep in mind that this may inflame the situation, which is why it’s always best to call 911 after an accident occurs.

If you have a dash cam that captured footage of the accident, make sure you keep this for your records.

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3. Names and Contact Information

Collect names, contact information, and insurance information from all drivers involved in the car accident.

There’s always a possibility that people may provide you with false information, so again, make sure that you’ve taken a photo of license plate numbers and call the police so they can confirm the identities of anyone at the scene.

You should also collect names and contact information from witnesses, such as other drivers and bystanders, of the car accident. Witness statements can help verify the details of the accident if there’s a contentious insurance claim.

4. Medical Treatment Documentation

You should always see a doctor after a car crash, even if it only seems like a minor accident.

Serious injuries might not cause immediate symptoms. You may not feel pain or discomfort at the accident scene, but you might experience symptoms days, weeks, or even months after the crash. The adrenaline that’s pumping through your system after a car accident can also mask your symptoms.

A doctor can perform a thorough medical evaluation to locate obvious or hidden injuries you suffered in a car accident, and provide medical documentation that these injuries were indeed caused by the accident.

Insurance companies are notorious for downplaying car accident injuries. If you didn’t seek medical treatment following a car crash, they will often push back against your medical claims or try to argue that your injuries weren’t actually caused by the accident.

Medical documentation is the best way to ensure that your insurance provider will cover your healthcare costs.

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5. Auto Repair Receipts

Keep track of all the expenses you paid to have your vehicle repaired, from towing to replacement parts. Insurance providers may be responsible for covering your auto repair costs, but they’ll require proof of the costs you incurred.

You should also track the transportation expenses you paid while your vehicle was out of commission. These expenses include rental cars, public transportation, or rideshare while your vehicle was out of commission. [Try not to rent a luxury vehicle or sports car unless you need it for business purposes. Insurance providers may argue that those higher costs were unwarranted.]

What Happens if There’s an Unfair Settlement?

Despite your best efforts, insurance companies may not always offer a fair settlement, or you could be sued for damages that were not your fault. If you’re dealing with a poor insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit in Atlanta, you should schedule a consultation with Schneider Williamson.

Our law firm advocates for Atlanta personal injury victims. We’re dedicated to helping you get the compensation you deserve following a car accident, and we have a strong track record of securing best-case-scenario results for our clients. We will guide you to a resolution that restores your financial well-being and quality of life.

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