Should You Seek a Doctor Right After an Atlanta Car Crash?

Should you seek a doctor right after an Atlanta car crash?

The quick answer: Yes!

After a car crash, you should always visit a doctor to seek a medical evaluation, even if the car accident seemed like nothing more than a minor fender-bender. Small accidents can cause big injuries, and you might not feel symptoms for days, weeks, or months after the incident. If you live in Georgia, then it’s important to see a doctor right after a car crash so you can protect your health and finances.

Why Should You Seek a Doctor Right After an Atlanta Car Crash?

You should always visit a doctor after you’ve been involved in a car accident, even if you don’t feel any pain, aches, or symptoms of injury. There are 3 reasons why.

1. Insurance Requirements

If you’ve been injured in an Atlanta car accident, you should consider filing an insurance claim so you can have your medical costs paid for. You need to get a medical evaluation if you’re going to file an insurance claim. The insurance company will not take your word for it; they’ll want proof of your injuries and what your medical costs were.

If you wait too long to see a doctor after a car accident, the insurance carrier might argue that you received your injuries from a separate incident, and not from the car accident. Or, they’ll argue that you were not seriously injured because you never went to the hospital.

In either case, the insurance carrier might offer a settlement for less money than what you’re owed—and we’re not only talking about medical costs but also the income you might have lost from not being able to work.

That’s why it’s important to visit a doctor soon after a car crash: there will be medical documentation that your injuries were indeed caused by the accident.

2. Provides Evidence for Your Case

You could file a lawsuit if the insurance company doesn’t offer you a fair settlement. The case would go to court and be tried before a jury. In that case, you must have medical records that prove you sustained injuries in the car accident that have caused physical, emotional, and financial distress.

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3. You Could Have a Serious Injury

Sometimes, an injury doesn’t cause immediate pain or discomfort. You might experience delayed symptoms, which don’t start until days, weeks, or months after the accident. This is common in whiplash injuries and brain injuries. Furthermore, the adrenaline that’s pumping through your veins following a car crash can mask feelings of pain or discomfort.

It’s always better to err on the side of caution.

A medical evaluation is the fastest and easiest way to detect injuries that aren’t immediately noticeable. Remember that for certain injuries, like head & neck trauma or internal bleeding, you must receive care as soon as possible—otherwise, you could suffer serious complications..

Which Type of Doctor Should You See?

If you experience significant pain or discomfort immediately following a car accident, visit urgent care or the ER.

Otherwise, you might consider making an appointment with your primary care physician to investigate minor symptoms. Keep in mind that your primary care doctor may have to give you referrals for specialized care, which may further delay your treatment.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Seek urgent medical care if you’re experiencing significant symptoms or symptoms that have suddenly popped up.

What If It’s Only a Minor Car Accident?

Even if you were involved in only a minor car accident, you should still seek medical care as soon as possible. A car is a huge, heavy vehicle, so something as minor as a fender-bender is still capable of causing significant injuries, especially if you’re older or have existing health conditions. A medical evaluation can quickly identify injuries that are not creating immediate symptoms, or it will give you peace of mind that you were not hurt in the accident.

Get What You’re Owed

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If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you shouldn’t be liable for the pain and medical costs you’ve had to endure. Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers can help you get the settlement you deserve so you can take care of your health and finances.

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