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The path to justice after a personal injury can be overwhelming. Schneider Williamson, recognizes the emotional toll this journey takes on you. Our mission is clear: to help you pursue justice and secure just compensation for the damages you’ve suffered. You’re not alone in this struggle, and we’re here to provide the expert guidance you need.

Successful personal injury cases require experience and expertise. Schneider Williamson uses our legal skills to simplify the complex legal world and guide you through its challenges, giving you the opportunity to return to normal. With us on your side, you’re not just another case – you’re a partner on a shared mission.

We are committed to you and your cause. We don’t see you as a legal matter; we see you, for the person you are and know you have been through a lot. Your well-being drives us forward. Schneider Williamson is all about standing up for you. Your search for justice is backed by unwavering commitment and determination. Together, we’ll navigate the road to rightful compensation and a brighter future.

Navigating Personal Injury Your Path to Restoration

At Schneider Williamson, we understand that life can take unexpected turns, that leave you facing the daunting aftermath of a personal injury. Our mission is to be your ally through this challenging journey, offering steadfast support and expert legal guidance as you work towards restoring your life. If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and left with catastrophic injuries then you are also left to a world of uncertainty. In times like these, you deserve more than just legal representation; you deserve a partner who truly understands your pain and frustration.

With a focus on personal injury cases such as car accidents, catastrophic injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, we know that the road to recovery can be arduous. But Schneider Williamson has mastered the art of advocating for you and ensuring you have the best attorney who listens to you, returns phone calls, and fights for what is right.


Personal Injury

At Schneider Williamson, we are here to help you with any personal injury claims you have. From accidents to negligence to injuries, we can help with every issue in a personal injury case.


We specialize in navigating the aftermath of accidents, from car collisions to workplace mishaps. Our experienced team is dedicated to securing your rights and helping you obtain rightful compensation. We know that accidents can upend lives, but with us, you have lawyers who are relentless in seeking justice and guiding your path to recovery.


Schneider Williamson stands as your anchor of accountability. Our expertise extends to cases involving medical malpractice, premises liability, and more. We redefine justice by holding the negligent parties responsible, advocating for your rights, and ensuring that their actions result in fair compensation for you.


From slip and falls to catastrophic harm, we excel in standing tall as your advocate and ensuring that your needs are heard and handled. Our mission is to empower you, ensuring injuries are remedied and we help you step toward triumph. With us, your well-being is the driving force, and your journey from adversity to success is our shared goal.

Experience and Expertise

In the realm of personal injury law, Jason Schneider and Campbell Williamson formed Schneider Williamson, a prominent personal injury law firm, to take excellent care of you. Infused with their extensive legal knowledge and unwavering dedication, Jason and Campbell have cultivated a reputation for expert advocacy on behalf of individuals seeking justice and rightful compensation.

Their combined expertise covers a wide spectrum of personal injury cases, ranging from accidents and negligence cases to complex injury claims. Their approach is rooted in genuine care, enabling them to forge strong connections with each individual who seeks their help. As dedicated advocates, they have built a successful law practice that has also established a legacy of compassion, resilience, and superior legal representation within the Atlanta community. Schneider Williamson is dedicated to supporting clients in their pursuit of reclaiming their lives and securing the justice they rightly deserve.

Empowering Victories: A Track Record of Substantial Compensation

Schneider Williamson measures its success by the positive change we bring to the lives of those we represent. Our track record speaks volumes, showcasing the significant sums we’ve secured on our clients’ behalf. Every victory is a testament to our relentless dedication to securing the compensation our clients rightfully deserve. These milestones inspire us to continue fighting for the rights and well-being of our clients, turning trauma into stories of resilience and triumph.

Head injury:

Defective product:

Wrongful death:

Car accident:

Truck Accident:

Catastrophic Injury:

Medical Malpractice:  $3,000,000

Slip and Fall:

Premises Liability:

Take the first step towards a successful resolution by reaching out to Schneider Williamson today. Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers is ready to stand by your side, providing expert legal guidance, steadfast support, and a proven record of success. Let us be your personal injury attorneys as we navigate the complexities of your personal injury case together. 


Wayne New
Wayne New
Mildred was very kind and very empathetic to my situation. She worked diligently to get my situation resolved. She was always a phone call away to answer any of my concerns..
Shirley Lim
Shirley Lim
I am very happy dealing with Mr. Schneider with his Paralegal, Mildred. They are extremely passionate and kind but my case was finalized fairly to each and everyone that involved in my accident. I have no hesitation in recommending Schneider, Williamson LLC. Company to anyone who really needs help. All the best with hearty thanks, Shirley Lim
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson
I have engaged Schneider Williamson for several of my legal disputes and I have been more than pleased with the results. This firm's team is very professional, knowledgeable, and they fought hard on my behalf to help me get the settlements I deserved on both of my cases.
Merinda Henderson
Merinda Henderson
They are the best law firm a girl can have and I love Mildred I've worked with her for three cases and she satisfies me every time I love her 👍🤟😊.
Kristin Carter
Kristin Carter
I was in a car accident resulting from a driver running a red light. After a year of treatments/surgery, I needed my UM to cover the difference. It was a long tough fight, but my attorney stayed strong and relentless throughout this process. They kept me updated on everything happening along the way. We won the case and ended up with a successful settlement. I highly recommend them! Should the occasion ever arise, while I hope not, I will be a repeat customer. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family! I can't thank them enough!
Feeva Diva
Feeva Diva
They made the process very easy, I gave them the information they needed, and they took care of everything, keeping me updated the entire time. It was a pleasure having them represent me and get results, and I would definitely use them again.

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